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Best Pitch Deck Examples, Tips & Templates

What a pitch deck should include?

A pitch deck is a presentation used to pitch a business idea to potential investors. It should include information about the business, its goals and objectives, the market it is targeting, and the team behind it. The deck should also include financial projections and details about the product or service being offered. It is important to keep the pitch deck concise and visually appealing, focusing on the key points. The purpose of a pitch deck is to convince potential investors that the proposed investment is worthwhile, and to provide information about the company's ability to execute against its plans.

A great pitch deck helps you:

  • Prove the value of your business
  • Simplify complex ideas
  • Differentiate your business from competitors
  • Tell the story behind your company to your target audience and make it exciting.

How to create a pitch deck?

Creating a pitch deck is an essential step for any startup that wants to attract investors. Here are some simple steps to follow when creating a pitch deck:

  1. Determine your objective: What do you want to achieve with your pitch? This will help guide the content and structure of your presentation.
  2. Research your audience: Understand who you will be presenting to and tailor your pitch to their interests and needs.
  3. Outline your presentation: Create a clear structure for your pitch that includes an introduction, problem, solution, market opportunity, business model, marketing and sales plan, team, financial projections, and conclusion.
  4. Keep it simple: Don't try to fit too much information onto one slide. Use visuals and storytelling to help convey your message and keep your audience engaged.
  5. Practice: Practice your pitch until you feel comfortable and confident delivering it. Consider getting feedback from friends or colleagues before presenting to investors.

Check Slidebean guide on how to build a pitch deck for investors

What makes a great slide deck presentation?

One of the keys to a successful slide deck presentation is simplicity. If you try to include too many ideas on one slide, you risk overwhelming and losing the attention of your audience. Instead, focus on telling a story through the use of images and text. This will help to keep the presentation focused and allow the audience to better understand your message.

Another important aspect of a great slide deck presentation is the use of visual aids. Using images and graphs can help to illustrate your points and make the presentation more engaging. These visual aids can also help to break up the text and make the presentation more visually appealing.

Overall, a great slide deck presentation should be well-organized, visually appealing, and easy to understand. By following these guidelines, and using our templates you can create a successful presentation that effectively conveys your message and persuades potential investors to invest in your business.

What should you avoid in a pitch deck?

There are a few key things to avoid when creating a pitch deck:

  1. Too much text: A pitch deck should be visually appealing, so avoid using too much text. Use bullet points and short phrases instead of long paragraphs.
  2. No clear purpose: Make sure your pitch deck has a clear purpose and message. Avoid rambling or going off on tangents.
  3. Lack of data: While it's important to keep your pitch deck concise, you should also include data to support your claims. Don't make assumptions without any supporting evidence.
  4. Too much jargon: Avoid using too much industry jargon or technical language that may be confusing to your audience. Keep it simple and easy to understand.
  5. No call to action: Don't forget to include a call to action in your pitch deck. This could be asking for a meeting to discuss further or requesting an investment. Make sure you clearly convey what you want from your audience.

Use Slidebean pitch deck builder app and slide deck templates

There are several tools and resources available to help startups create effective pitch decks. One such tool is the Slidebean pitch deck builder app, which offers a range of pre-designed templates that can be customized to suit the needs of the business. Slidebean also provides design services for those who need extra help creating their pitch decks.

Presentation Insights

Another useful feature offered by Slidebean is Presentation Insights, which allows startups to track individual viewer activity on their slides and gain a better understanding of how much time and attention each slide is receiving. This information can be crucial in determining an investor's level of interest in a business.

Startup Pitch Deck templates redesigned by Slidebean

Slidebean has also redesigned pitch deck templates used by successful startups such as Airbnb and 500 Startups, turning them into fill-in-the-blank templates that can be used as a reference for other startups. These templates provide a straightforward approach to business models and market potential, and serve as a perfect storytelling canvas for startups looking to communicate their ideas effectively.

In summary, pitch decks are an important tool for startups looking to attract investors, and it's essential to put time and effort into creating an effective presentation. By using resources such as the Slidebean pitch deck builder app and pitch deck templates, startups can streamline the process and create professional, compelling presentations that showcase their ideas in the best possible light.

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