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In 2013, the founders of Twine embarked on an ambitious venture to connect companies with a vast network of over 175,000 creative freelancers in the fields of music, design, and film. With a solid background from Seedcamp, they set out to raise $500,000 in seed funding to fuel their endeavor. After a rigorous process of fine-tuning their pitch deck, incorporating feedback from potential investors, and undergoing 23 iterations, the Twine Pitch Deck secured a total of $1.1 million in funding to date.

The opportunity presented by Twine was substantial, with over 53 million Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the United States and Europe alone spending an average of $30,000 per year on marketing, with 32% of that budget allocated towards content marketing. This represents a $500 billion per year industry that is only expected to grow in the future.

However, as these companies aim to engage and delight their customers with audio-visual content, they often struggle with the task of crafting a relevant brief, setting a reasonable budget, and finding good quality creatives. On the other hand, creative freelancers encounter difficulties in building a professional network and securing paid work.

Twine aims to address this problem by creating a marketplace that connects companies with its network of highly skilled creative freelancers. Companies can post project briefs that the community of 180,000 creatives can pitch on, and an escrow and rating system is in place to build trust on the platform. Additionally, creatives have an audio-visual portfolio that makes it easy for companies to identify and select the most suitable candidate for a particular project.

The Twine pitch deck, in itself, was deemed to be of decent quality, with some positive and negative feedback. On the positive side, the opportunity slide effectively set the scene, and the slide ordering was non-standard but worked well in telling a coherent narrative. The traction slide, "Phase 1", showed remarkable growth in the number of creatives, but "Phase 2" was less impressive. The team slide also highlighted that the co-founders had worked together before, which is a factor that investors usually find favorable.

On the negative side, the opening slide could have benefited from including the tagline, and the first problem slide could have been more impactful. The second problem slide also lacked data and could have been better supported.

About Twine

Twine is a marketplace that connects companies to our network of over 175,000 creative freelancers in music, design, and film.

If you're a company and need more audio-visual content to keep in touch with your customers on social media, then come to Twine. If you're a creative freelancer, take control and choose which projects you want to work on.

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