Snapchat Pitch Deck


One of the most popular trends in the past five years has been Snapchat, an app which originally allowed you to send 10 second pictures or videos to your friends. However, since 2011 the app has many new features. 

Now, five years later, you can do everything from live streaming video chat to transferring cash from your account to your friend's. One feature that has been very popular is "Our Story" which is location based videos or pictures from events happening around the world that anyone can watch. It is a way of sharing your own personal experience with the rest of the Snapchat community.

Originally created as a social app, it has grown in popularity with businesses as well as a form of advertisement. One app that started out with a couple friends has expanded to a name known around the world.

Check out their leaked Pitch Deck which is getting rave reviews, sure to bring in new business. The version you see above was been redesigned by the team @ Slidebean