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Pendo, a leading player in the software analytics space, recently raised a $20M Series-B round led by Spark Capital with participation from existing investors Battery Ventures, Salesforce Ventures, Contour Venture Partners, Core Capital Partners, and IDEA Fund Partners. The Pendo pitch deck, used in the fundraising round, is a prime example of how a professional and structured approach can lead to success, even without using a graphic designer.

The deck is well-formatted and consistent throughout, making it easy for investors to quickly understand the presented key points. The first slide demonstrates the quality of the team, their respected investors, and strong quarterly growth. Although it would have been nice to see logos or comments on each team member, the fact that all the 'VP-level' staff are listed makes it clear that the team is fully formed and ready to scale.

One of the most impressive aspects of the deck is the new net ARR, which is positive. Growth comes from both new and expansion revenue, although it would have been useful to see this information broken out on a customer basis.

The TAM, competitive analysis, and roadmap slides are also noteworthy, even though some information has been redacted. These slides demonstrate that there is real planning behind the business and give investors confidence in the company's future prospects.

Overall, the Pendo pitch deck is a great example of how a structured and professional approach can lead to success in fundraising. It shows that even without using a graphic designer, a well-formatted and consistent deck can effectively communicate key information and secure investment.

About Pendo

Pendo provides software product managers and teams with a powerful integrated platform to better understand and improve the product experience. Organizations can use Pendo to extend their product to capture all user behavior, gather feedback, and provide contextual help inside their applications without requiring engineering resources.

The company was incorporated in 2013 and is based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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