Media Planning Template



Marketing has never been an exact science. The moment we get comfortable doing things a certain way, some visionary pops up and disrupts everything. Visionaries always seem to ruin complacency.

For this reason, it can be difficult to stay on top of media planning, especially if we have to start from scratch for each project. With limited budgets, it's easy to see why some marketing teams are getting stretched thin. Talented employees who have spent their lives learning to design creative content and master social media platforms are now subjected to tedious tasks like putting together a slide presentation.

Of course, not all tedious tasks are created equal. There is a certain amount of copying and pasting that will always be there no matter what we do. But for creating a presentation, we could save a lot of time and money by putting in the initial work to create a template that can be easily manipulated for future presentations, or by seeking guidance from those who have already mastered the craft.

Media planning templates are a popular way to address such an issue.

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