Marketing Report Template

Marketing Report Template
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Marketing Report Template
Marketing Report Template
Marketing Report Template
Marketing Report Template
Marketing Report Template
Marketing Report Template
Marketing Report Template
Marketing Report Template
Marketing Report Template
Marketing Report Template
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As a marketing professional, you understand that having a curated template can save you hours of time on your monthly reporting.

If you find yourself struggling to come up with a presentation that will blow the socks off of your company’s executives, consider including the sections mentioned below.

Our Marketing Report Template Structure:


A highlights page is similar to an elevator pitch – it’s a quick and easy way for you to get your information across to the right people.

If you’d like to create a monthly report that can be understood by all – even those who aren’t up on the latest marketing lingo – then a highlights page is a must.

While all of the information within your reports are necessary, some is more important than others. For example, in this section of your report, it’s good to highlight how much your company’s marketing growth has improved in the past month, as well as the percentage of customers who closed. Provide solid, fact-based information on this page.


Your marketing efforts are essentially useless if you can’t pinpoint which social media channels your leads and customers are coming from.

This section of you report will showcase which of your marketing channels are the most successful while also allowing you to compare the most successful channels side-by-side.

With the right template, you can showcase each channel’s growth month-to-month while simultaneously showing how each channel has compared to each other in that same time period.


Where are your visitors coming from, and how are different source avenues (organic, paid, and SEO) working for you? This part of your presentation will break this information down into small chunks and will make it possible for you to improve upon in the future.


While some visitors may stumble upon your company’s website through organic searches, the majority of your paying customers will come to your site in one of two ways: email marketing or referrals.

Both of these marketing tools are essential to your company’s growth, and comparing the rates of conversion side-by-side can help you and your company’s executives better understand which email marketing campaigns are working and whether referral rates are increasing or decreasing.


It can sometimes be difficult for marketing departments to get the funding they need to improve customer acquisition, which is why this information is vital to your work.

This section of your report should provide the comparison of two marketing sources, side-by-side: paid and organic. As a general overview, it’s not important at this point in your report to get into which paid sources are working better than others, but instead to show that paid marketing is more effective than organic searches the majority of the time.


In the previous section, you’ve shown that paid marketing tends to do better over organic. This section will give you the chance to show the numbers.

It’s not enough to know that paid marketing is better than organic – it’s also necessary to see how many visitors are converting to customers due to paid marketing, and whether that number is increasing or decreasing from previous months.

With the right marketing report template, you can easily outline your company’s customer growth and highlight the importance that marketing played in that growth.


This section of your document is where you’ll begin to delve into the juicy details and provide your company’s executives with more actionable information.

You’ve shown the executives that marketing draws visitors to the site, but unfortunately, your company doesn’t get paid by the page visit. Instead, your company’s profits will depend on conversion from visitor to lead, and eventually to customer.

So, who do you include as a lead when calculating your company’s performance growth in this area? A lead is a potential customer, so include those who’ve signed up for the company’s newsletter or used the company contact page for more information. Additionally, you can even use those who’ve filled their carts or otherwise started the process of purchasing a service or product but didn’t finish the process (pay) before the month ended. Whoever you decide to include as a lead, it’s important to note this somewhere in this specific slide or section of your report and use this on a month-to-month basis for more accurate reporting.


You’ve shown how marketing plays a role in visitor growth, but now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is.

This section will highlight how many potential leads have successfully converted to customers and is vital knowledge for marketing professionals and executives alike.


For those who want to see an overview of the company’s visit-to-customer performance, this is the section.

While understanding how many visitors convert to leads and then how many leads convert to customers is an important aspect of marketing, it may not be something that the executives and non-marketing professionals in your company are worried about. More likely, they’d like to see what percentage of website visitors eventually become customers and how this compares to past months’ recordings.


As a marketing professional, you know that not all marketing campaigns are a success. There are a number of campaigns, however, that likely drive your company’s customer growth and which deserve to be mentioned in your monthly marketing report.

In this section, include marketing campaigns which have converted the most leads or customers. You can even divide this section of your report into multiple sections so as to highlight which campaigns have brought the most visitors, which have converted the most leads, and which have led to the most profit growth.


If you’ve included the above-mentioned slides then you’ve certainly proven to your company’s executives that the marketing department plays a key role in the company’s growth and profits.

Don’t forget, however, to highlight any of the marketing department’s future campaign plans. This is a great way to keep your company’s higher-ups aware of your plans and allows them to follow the progress of said plans.

The way you present your information is just as important as the information yourself, so when creating your company’s monthly marketing report, consider including the above-mentioned sections, or use this template.

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