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Investor Funding Pitch Deck

When it comes to raising money for your startup, a strong pitch deck can make all the difference. And in the case of ManPacks, their pitch deck was not only strong, but it was also hilarious.

ManPacks is a subscription service that delivers men's underwear, socks, and other essentials right to your door. But what sets them apart is their unique approach to marketing. Instead of just showing pictures of the product, they used illustrations of a cartoon man who, when wearing regular underwear, doesn't get any attention from women. But when he switches to ManPacks, he suddenly becomes the center of attention.

This clever use of humor helped ManPacks stand out and catch the attention of investors. In 2011, the company raised $500,000 in an angel round.

The pitch deck not only used humor to grab the attention of investors, but it also effectively communicated the value proposition of the company. By highlighting the convenience and style of ManPacks, they were able to demonstrate how their product could improve the lives of their target customers.

Overall, ManPacks is a great example of how a creative and well-crafted pitch deck can help a startup raise money and bring its product to the market. Humor is a powerful tool that can be used to make a lasting impression and connect with potential investors.

About ManPack

It is no secret that shopping isn't exactly every man's favorite activity. ManPacks are making it easier for guys to get the essentials they need. (i.e., underwear, socks, and condoms) The idea behind Manpacks is an online subscription where you get to create your own pack with a variety of goodies that get shipped right to you, eliminating the stress of shopping. The pack usually gets to you in about 2-3 business days.

Subscribers can rush shipments or receive a reminder every three months to put in their order. Co-founder Kevin Johnson said he wanted a non-traditional subscription for real-life guys with real-life needs.

Check out their hilarious pitch deck for a product that is actually taken pretty seriously:

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