Kickfolio Pitch Deck

Founded by Edward Dowling in 2012 Kickfolio is doing what many people think is impossible: giving you access to countless apps for free (at least for a little while). By using a live streaming device, the user is able to open an app in a new window and try it out without the full purchase.

You may think that something like this would get shut down before it was even able to put together a Pitch Deck. However Kickfolio was widely supported by many app developers because it was giving a taste of what they had to offer and leaving many people wanting more, like free marketing. 

“It is far more engaging and effective than a video or just static screenshots,” says founder Dowling. “The audiences for the demos are hugely engaged, spending an average of 1 minute, 19 seconds actively playing with each demo.” 

Check out their enticing Pitch Deck below: