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Founded in 2010 by David T. Goldberg, Joe Coleman, and Shane Snow, Contently has established itself as a leader in the content marketing industry. The Contently pitch deck includes a strong cover slide and a clear tagline that immediately grabs the attention of potential investors.

But the deck doesn't stop there. It also clearly lays out the problem the company solves, using a quote from a Forbes review to bolster its credibility. The deck then goes on to showcase the platform Contently offers and its solution for this problem.

But what really sets the Contently pitch deck apart is the inclusion of detailed revenue projections and the company's "secret sales sauce" - a unique aspect of the business that sets it apart from competitors. The deck also includes a clear goal and a well-thought-out work plan to achieve that goal.

The deck concludes with a strong team, including the founders, investors, and advisors, further emphasizing the company's potential for success.

If you're looking to raise funding for your business, take inspiration from the Contently pitch deck and make sure to clearly lay out the problem you solve, your unique solution, and your plan for success.

About Contently

Contently is a technology company that helps enterprise companies create results-driven content by providing them with smart technology, vetted creative talent, and proven expertise.

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