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If you have a product that you want to promote widely, you need branding. Branding is the process by which your product is given a direction, an identity, and a uniqueness which sets it apart from others. With a brand, your product is something special and inimitable, something which is attractive, relatable and personal – and something which is ultimately purchasable.

Most importantly, branding gives your product an associated emotion. When people see your brand, they will feel a particular way, and it is this feeling that they are buying into. For instance, when people see the logo of a popular hamburger company they may think about succulent, thick beef burgers which are satisfying and filling. When people look at the logo for a computer firm, they may think about digital technology that is fast, attractive and exciting. When people look at the logo for their favorite online shopping experience, they may think about possibilities, experiences, and enjoyment. All these involve emotions that are associated with products or services which the branding invokes. So clearly, if you want a successful product, you need to have a successful brand.

What is a branding template?

A branding template is a presentation through which your brand can be pitched or revealed to colleagues. The branding template will show others exactly what the idea behind your brand is – what it looks like, how it will inspire others, its visual identity, how it will be conveyed and through what channels.

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