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How Biogrify's Pitch Deck Captivated Investors

In 2012, Jordan Bardach and Kristen Larkin had the vision to revolutionize the way brands share their story. They founded Biogrify with the goal of becoming a "fun" data source for brands. The company aimed to provide a new platform for brands to connect with fans and attract new users through the use of social infographics, or what they called "creative communication."

One of the key selling points of Biogrify was its pitch deck. It was filled with captivating visuals that effectively communicated its message and differentiated them from its competitors. The deck was designed to be easy to understand, impactful, and memorable. The visuals were designed to be eye-catching and thought-provoking, making it easy for potential investors and clients to understand the value proposition of Biogrify.

The company's main goal was to provide a new and innovative way for brands to share their story. With the rise of social media, brands were looking for new ways to connect with their audience and stand out in a crowded marketplace. Biogrify saw an opportunity to provide a platform that would allow brands to share their story uniquely and engagingly. By using infographics, they were able to communicate complex data in a way that was easy to understand and visually appealing.

Although Biogrify may not be around today, its pitch deck serves as a great example of how powerful visuals can be in communicating a message. It's a reminder that in order to stand out in a crowded marketplace, it's important to think creatively and outside the box. The Biogrify pitch deck was a great example of how a well-designed pitch deck can help a company stand out and make a lasting impression.

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