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The original AppNexus pitch deck, which was created in 2007, was a game-changer in the world of digital advertising. At the time, online advertising was still a relatively new concept, and companies struggled to find effective ways to monetize their digital assets. AppNexus, however, had a revolutionary solution: a real-time bidding platform allowing advertisers to buy and sell ad inventory in real-time.

The pitch deck, which was used to raise the company's first round of funding, laid out the problem that AppNexus was solving, as well as the company's unique value proposition. It also included information on the company's target market, competitive landscape, and financial projections.

One of the key elements of the pitch deck was the company's focus on transparency. AppNexus was the first company to offer a real-time bidding platform that was completely transparent, allowing advertisers to see exactly how their ads were performing in real time. This was a stark contrast to the traditional, opaque world of online advertising, where advertisers had very little visibility into how their ads were performing.

The AppNexus pitch deck also highlighted the company's focus on scalability. The company's platform was designed to handle billions of ad impressions daily, making it a perfect solution for large, high-traffic websites. This scalability was a key selling point for potential investors, as it meant that the company had the potential to grow rapidly.

Another key element of the pitch deck was the company's focus on data. AppNexus was one of the first companies to use data to drive its advertising platform. The company's platform was able to collect and analyze vast amounts of data on consumer behavior, which allowed it to target ads more effectively. This data-driven approach was a major differentiator for AppNexus, as it allowed the company to offer advertisers a more effective and efficient way to reach their target audience.

Revolutionary at the time, their Pitch Deck may seem a little dated (check out the MySpace reference) but still worth the read:

About Appnexus

AppNexus is one of the original platforms that addressed the "cloud," which we are now so familiar with. They approached the cloud with three platforms:

1. Scale

2. Globalization

3. Integration

With these three factors growing at an alarming rate for that time, it was evident that they needed to create a new way to store their data. AppNexus offered a cloud with a centralized directory to control and organize all information going into storage and information being sent out.

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