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Nothing gets people more hyped than a concert. Why not get people to experience your startup the same way they experience a concert? Rock 'n' Roll is the motive behind LaunchRock. It gives all it's users the rockstar confidence they need to get their startup off the ground.

What the website does is give a base in which you can build your startup on and get your information known. It provides a backend from which to build your launch page, an IP address to set your @ A record to, a unique link to share with your friends, as well as access to LaunchRock analytics services.

Not only will LaunchRock help you build your startup site, it will give you tips and analysis to keep people coming back to it after the initial hype of the launch. Many of it's users say that they save time and energy which they are able to then focus on getting up and running.

Check out the rockin' style of their Pitch Deck below:

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