The Startup Pitch Deck Template by Slidebean

The Startup Pitch Deck Template by Slidebean

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Creating a successful pitch deck for your startup requires strategy, thought, effort, and attention to design. At Slidebean, they created a pitch deck template to help entrepreneurs and startups achieve their business goals. Here is a guide on what to include in your pitch deck:

  1. The cover slide should introduce your company name and the purpose of your presentation. It should be simple and professional, with a good image of your company replacing the stock picture provided in the template.
  2. The problem slide should clearly and concisely outline the problem your product or service is solving for a new market. It is essential to keep this slide succinct and avoid overloading it with text or material. We recommend including three irrefutable statements that address the problem.
  3. The solution slide presents three solutions to the problem outlined in the previous slide, using clear visuals and uncomplicated descriptions. This will help you communicate what your product or service achieves in an easy-to-understand way.
  4. The product slide allows you to showcase your product through a one-minute video or snapshots. If you cannot do this, there may be better times to pitch your business. The following slide should expand on the features of your product and how they uniquely benefit your market.
  5. The business model slide should present your revenue model in simple terms and estimates of your business's dimensions. The traction slide should demonstrate the growth and success of your business, including any notable achievements or partnerships.
  6. The market size slide should provide an overview of the size and potential of your target market. The competition slide should outline your competitors and how your product or service differs from theirs.
  7. The team slide should introduce the members of your team and their relevant experience and skills. The advisors and mentors slide should highlight notable advisors or mentors who have supported your business.
  8. The financials slide should present your financial projections and funding needs. The final slide should summarize your pitch and a call to action for your audience.

By following these guidelines and using the template, you can create a compelling pitch deck that effectively communicates the value of your business to potential investors and partners.

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